Catriona Gray is a Filipina-Australian stage actress, singer, model and television host. When she was thirty years old, her mother prophesied that one day, she’d win the contest.

The 24 year old was named Miss Universe 2018 on Monday, besting contestants from 93 other countries and delighting her home nation.

Catriona was wearing a sparkling red dress and she told the media that her outfit was inspired by a volcano in the Philippine as she was handed the crown to the delight of a roaring crowd in Bangkok that generally favored Southeast Asian contestants.

Gray said she wore a red dress because “When she was thirty years old, her mother prophesied that one day, she’d win the contest in a red dress”. The mother cried after she heard her daughter won the 67th Miss Universe pageant.

The 24 year old singer Gray edged out first runner-upTamaryn Green of South Africa and third-place Sthefany Gutierrez of Venezuela.She succeeds Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters of South Africa.

She said her “heart is filled with so much gratitude and there were moments of doubt where she felt overwhelmed and she felt the pressure.

She is the fourth Filipina to win the pageant. Gray’s father is an Australian, and she was born and grew up in Cairns, Australia. She studied at the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

She shared that working in a Manila slum had taught her to find beauty in every situations.

“If I could teach people to be grateful, we could have an amazing world where negativity could not grow and foster, and children would have a smile on their face,” she said.

The office of Philippine President Rodrigo, congratulate the 24 years old as there were so proud.

“Ms. Gray truly made the entire Philippines proud when she sashayed on the global stage and showcased the genuine qualities defining a Filipina beauty: confidence, grace, intelligence and strength in the face of tough challenges,” he said in a statement from the presidential palace. “In her success, Miss Philippines has shown to the world that women in our country have the ability to turn dreams into reality through passion, diligence, determination and hard work.”

2018 Miss Universe competition had the first-evertransgender contestant, Angela Ponce of Spain she said ‘it was not importantfor me to win but was more important for me to be here.”

The theme for 2018 pageant was “Empowered Women” and was judged by 7 women including former pageant winners, businesswomen and a fashion designer.

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