It is a whole era in the world of smartphones. Moreover, just when we thought that we had seen it all, something very new comes in. we are talking about the fold-able smartphones that have set the new trend. We thought technology had finally laid back, but it seems not yet. Today we look at the top fold-able smartphones to expect in 2019.

Foldable Smartphones to Expect


LG is going to be part of the new trend ofsmartphones to hit the markets in 2019. The company filed a patent for afoldable in January 2018. Pictures of the smartphone will look are already circulatingon social media. We are sure that people are already excited to see what the smartphonewill look like. The LG phone will be foldable two ways, one as a tablet and oneby turning it in the middle. The phone will also have 2 screens. That is anextra screen to play online casino games.

Samsung Galaxy X

It would not be a race for the leading smartphones if Samsung was not involved, and yes, there surely are in the race. Samsung is also set to be releasing a foldable phone in 2019, the Samsung Galaxy X. The phone will have a 7.3-inch OLED display. It will turn 4.5 when it folds; meaning to say that it can be used as a tablet. Reports say that the phone will cost quite a penny, so you have to start saving if you want to be one of the first to get it.

Samsung Galaxy X

Motorola Razr

It has been a while since we heard the name Motorola, but here they are and with a foldable smartphone. The foldable Motorola Razr will be launched in 2019, the exact date, however, is still yet to be decided. The patent has already been filed and it rumoured that it will have 2 screens. The phone will have a screen flip that will be used as a tablet. We cannot wait to see what else the technological advancements will bring.

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