Emily Blunt, soon after her SAG Award win, said that people thought that making a movie with John Krasinski (her husband) would split them up. Her husband is the one who directed the movie.

Blunt received honours in the Outstanding Supporting Actress category at the SAG Awards. This was for her performance in ‘A Quiet Place’. She starred alongside her husband John, who also directed the film. The acceptance speech that she gave actually brought John to tears.

Blunt opened up while backstage about working with her husband. She said that people would joke that the stress of making a movie with her spouse would actually split them.

Emily Blunt said that the best thing about shooting the movie was working with her husband. The 35-year-old said that they had never done something like this before and before then it was kind of a great unknown. That’s because they got into it not really knowing what it was going to be like. She laughed, saying that many people had said that they were going to be divorced by the end of the film.

However, people were so wrong. Emily said that they were actually closer during the shooting of the movie. She said that discovering how they collaborated and could actually create something together was just so special.

At the time of shooting, Emily Blunt called their collaboration on the edgy thriller somewhat of a game play yours puzzle games. However, she seems to won the jackpot prize as she stressed out that they actually got closer when all was said and done. She further said that she was going to completely share the award with her husband.

As she locked eyes with her husband, Emily said that the entire experience of doing the movie with him had completely pierced her heart. She went on to say that he was a stunning filmmaker. She continued to say that she was so lucky to be with him.

The two stars began dating more than 10 years ago and got married in 2008. They have 2 daughters together.

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