NFL is an American Professional football organization which has 32 teams. It is rated as the highest level of professional American Football in the world. It is also America’s most popular sport and it has over 100 million dedicated fans who religiously dedicate their Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays to watch their favourite teams play. History of the NFL has gathered so many facts that fans may want to learn about.

Obscure facts about the Green Bay Packers

One of America’s NFL team that is based in Green Bay, The Green Bay Packers has a very enthusiastic and unique fan base. In the case that you want to reserve a seat to watch the Green Bay Packers play you might have to wait in a lengthy queue for a ticket. If you sign up for the season ticket waiting list today, you might have to wait for close to 1 000 years to get a spot. On a positive note, while waiting for your spot you can pass time by checking out online casino games online. Do not get bored while you wait to get a spot to watch your favourite team play.

Why is the Pro Football Hall of Fame hosted in Canton America?

Have you ever wondered why the Pro Football Hall of Fame is always hosted in Canton, Ohio in America? This is because the Canton Bulldogs won 25 games in a row from the period of 1921 to 1923. One of the football legends, Jim Thorpe was one of the NFL players who made it possible for the Bulldogs to succeed because he had joined the team in 1915.

Buffalo Bills lost at the Super Bowl 4 times in a row

NFL’s Buffalo Bills are one team that qualified to go to the Super Bowl four straight times but went on to lose all four. It is not the only team that has done that, Minnesota Vikings have also lost in four games but not in a row, but four in 8 years.

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