Did you know that spending time outdoors is one of the fastest ways out there to improve your happiness and your health?  This is especially true with green spaces. It’s been proven that it helps lower your blood pressure, stress as well as heart rate. Furthermore, being outside encourages physical activity as well as mental health.

Other studies go on to suggest that green spaces lower the risk of developing psychiatric disorders. Research has shown that spending as little as 20 minutes outside will definitely improve your well being. And, it doesn’t really matter if you exercise or not. This is why we recommend that you take a break from your exercising or reading at times and go outdoors for a while.

In a study that was conducted among adults, results showed the average park visit lasted for about 32 minutes. Of that, 30% of the people actually engaged themselves in some form of exercise while there. Also, results indicated that well-being scores actually rose by an average of 1.5 points.

During the study, it was noted that the physical activity wasn’t really to increase well-being. All the same, it was great for mental health, especially when done outdoors.

The study also found out that for many of the people, just being outside in green spaces was enough to spark a change. In fact, most people who went to the park relaxed more, thereby reducing stress and felling happier.

Spending Time Outdoors as Part of Healing

Health benefits of being outside

The study has inspired some physicians to even write prescriptions for it. The physicians advise their patients to spend at least one hour each week outdoors exercising their favourite gym exercise at the gym or just exploring sport fields near their homes.

Physicians write nature prescriptions alongside pharmaceutical prescriptions so as to encourage patients to get outdoors more and take advantage of “free medicine”. Besides, nature prescriptions are prettier to do! You get to spend time in beautiful places and brag about it on Instagram!

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