A baby is the most amazing blessing from God. Babies are created from two different cells, with much division and growth they develop into a miniature human being. For you to give your baby the best opportunity in life, make sure your body is in a good condition before you fall pregnant.

How to make your body to be in optimal condition:

Nutrition and weight 

Nutrition needs to be number one of your priorities for good preparation for your pregnancy. Your body will provide all the necessary nutrients for your growing developing baby .If your body doesn’t have enough nutrition that means your baby grows in a less than optimal environment. Remember vitamins don’t take the place of a healthy diet. The best thing to do is to eat well balanced food having variety of nutritious foods.


To be active and exercising more often will help you to cope with the physical demands of pregnancy. If you not exercising already find activities that you can do more often such as hiking, swimming, biking, and floor exercises or join a gym and do aerobics activities. However overheating in the first week of pregnancy may be dangerous, so avoid hot tub use and sauna. Again you should exercise in moderation. If you haven’t yet started with exercising program, you better start today.

Dentist and oral hygienist  

It is important to see a dentist before you fall pregnant. The health of your teeth and gums might affect the growth and development of your baby. Research shows that oral infections can increase the risk of premature birth .So it is important to have an appointment with a dentist before you fall pregnant.


Certain things you should avoid make sure you are not exposed to water from old pipes, insecticides, chemicals from factory or other industries. If you are a nurse or   you work in a hospital make sure you avoid exposure to x-ray or chemotherapies. If you are a child care worker contagious and infectious are more of a concern

Sit down, have a chat with a chat with your partner and share with each other your priorities, expectations, birth and parenting .You can then start on the same page for your pregnancy

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