Privacy Policy

As part of our earnest efforts to remain transparent and show just how much we value your privacy, we drew up the Privacy Policy. The page was carefully put together with the assistance of our legal team for the purpose of protecting the reader as well as City Connect Mag. The contents of privacy policy should be read along with the Terms and Conditions page for a more holistic understanding of the terms of service. Both pages set out the terms at which the collection of any data by the site will be used. We urge that readers read the entire page carefully before you proceed.

Furthermore, by visiting our Site you consent to the following prescriptions of the use of your personal information detailed in this Privacy Policy.

Data Collection and Privacy

The scope of data collection on our site is pretty minimal, thus, reader’s minds should be set at ease. The only type of personal information that we conduct only covers the standard technical information. This refers to the device that users used to view the site, the location and the route they took to get to the site and how they navigated the website.

We refer to this kind of data collection as standard owing to the fact that every site on the world wide web that users click on is automatically collecting. Despite the fact that none of the information that we collect is overly personal, we still view its protection from getting to the wrong hands with the same level of seriousness as we would a reader’s identity number.

We are not affiliated with any institution that harvests the information of our readers to whichever end. Should that at any time change, users will be duly informed and their consent requested.

Subscription & Newsletters

We firmly believe in the best way to keep abreast of every article that we post, readers should sign up and subscribe to our newsletters. Any personal information we get from the subscription will not be shared and it will be used solely for the distribution of new content. Should you request that your information be deleted from our data base, we will proceed accordingly.

Content Material

Our entire writing department thoroughly researches each and every information that we publish. The information is vetted, proofed and edited before it reaches the reader. With the landscape of online content, we cannot fully guarantee that the content is accurate. It is subject to change and amending at any stage of the web-pages life span. 


Readers should be aware that as soon as they click on a redirect that redirects to another (e.g. an ad or a banner) we cede any control over what happens next. The redirection to a new destination implies that you have left, and the site you have selected will apply their own privacy protocols.