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It has become standard practice to elaborate on the terms and conditions associated with every website on the world wide web. These terms of service go hand in hand with our Privacy Policy. The following items stated below dictate a binding legal agreement between the reader and the website. As a side note, readers are urged to read the Privacy Policy for a more in-depth analysis of how we operate. Before you click on any of our pages, readers should understand that they give consent to the terms and conditions stipulated in the agreement below

Acceptance of the Terms of Agreement

While our readers are very dear to this operation, we implore the audience to refrain from subscribing or reading the content if it contradicts your beliefs. Our content is not written for the purpose to divide or cause impunity. Furthermore, we are always aware of the changing landscape of the constitution and how it affects free speech. Readers should always check out terms and conditions page for any amendments made at any time in response to changes in the constitution.

Intellectual Property Rights

The website and all its writers create the content included in the website from scratch, being aware that plagiarism is unlawful. While we may often use the odd image, video or music copy written by a certain party, we make the due referencing and acknowledgement. The content on the site has been trademarked and protected by intellectual property law. To this end, we ensure that our readers have the newest, freshest content that is available.

Rules of Engagement

While on the site, readers agree that they shall remain cordial at all times, responding in the utmost respectable fashion to unpopular opinions expressed by other users. This prescription extends to the outright prohibition by the website of any interaction that is untoward or inciteful in nature. That is, users will not to comment in any conduct that may be interpreted as hate speech, aggressive in nature, harassing or defamatory to others, vulgar, offensive, sexist, or racist. The proper steps shall be taken by the site to lawfully address such action in a timeous manner.

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