The most recommended products during a menstrual cycle are tampons. If we start talking about their benefits we might finish the next day. You can definitely rely on them, they give you the freedom to run, do those splits that you like so much, and they even make you go swimming on a hot summer day. The least of your worries is worrying!

But with all these other good things have been said, we really hate to be the party poppers. But then look on the brighter side we are helping you know what your body tolerates and what it doesn’t. Being the bearer of bad news is never a pleasant thing. It is always better to tell someone that they have won a real money gambling jackpot.

Tampons cause a  bad odour

Just to make things clear this is not a health benefit but is something that you should know. Tampons cause a bad odour. The reason being that they are inserted and stop or block your menstrual fluid and soaking it bit by bit.

But this causes some sort of fishy odour that you will not be comfortable with. That is the same effect that pads do have. With menstrual cups, you do not have to worry about the odour.

Cramps and discomfort

Tampons do not cause menstrual cramps but what they do is increase them. The scientific explanation of this is that when you are inserting and pulling the tampon you expand the cervix and remove some tissues on the walls.

In order to avoid all these effects here are things you can try to do and dodge the effects mentioned above;

  • Try to change tampons as oftenas possible. This is from 4-6 hours.
  • Make sure that you do not sleepwearing a tampon.
  • Tampons are used on sensitiveplaces this is why hygiene something that one should be super careful of. Washyour hands before touching them or inserting them.

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